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Every RV owner knows care and maintenance are key in making sure their RV has a long life. It’s also important for things like safety, efficiency and reliability.Offering complete RV repair in Sonoma County, CA, R.V. Pat’s Parts and Service is here to meet all your repair and maintenance needs. We do what it takes to keep your RV roadworthy, so you can see the sights and travel free with peace of mind.

Our capabilities also extend to boats and other watercraft. We know water poses a whole new set of challenges, which is why our shop specializes in marine repairs. Let us help you protect your investment in a boat and keep it up-to-scratch—whether you enjoy fishing, tubing or lazing on the water.

Routine maintenance

When it comes to caring for your RV, a little routine maintenance goes a long way. It’s the first and best step in preventing catastrophes and decreasing the likelihood your vehicle will need major repairs. RV furnace and RV AC repair in Sonoma County, CA don’t have to be inevitable occurrences—they’re prevented with good maintenance!

Thanks to our more than 35 years of experience, we’re prepared to work on RVs of all types, from Type A motor homes to pop-ups, and of any make, model or year.Check out the major and minor maintenance schedules we adhere to below:
Major 5th Wheel, Minor 5th Wheel, Major Class A, Major Class B, Minor Class A, Minor Class B, Maintenance Package Information.

Don’t forget to ask about our annual maintenance packages for your RV! We’ll keep your vehicle on a schedule that tends to all its critical systems, so you can hit the road confidently any time of the year.

Onan generator repair

One of the most integral parts of your RV is the generator. Most manufacturers use Onan generators in their vehicles because of the tremendous reliability, capacity and lifespan of these units.

If you’re in need of Onan generator repair within two hours of our location in Petaluma, we’re the only area business offering this service. Fortunately, you can always count on top quality workmanship from our expert technicians. We do right by you and your RV, servicing your equipment with authority. We’ll have your Onan generator up and running again in no time, powering your camping experience reliably now and for the future.


Total Repair Capabilities

R.V. Pat’s Parts and Service is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of repair services for RVs.Your RV is a big, complex system of mechanical and electrical parts. As such, it takes a skilled mechanic to repair.

We’re more than an in-and-out shop that does the basics. Our talented team is ready to provide complete RV repairs, including for parts, components and systems other mechanics simply don’t have the skills to work on. Some of our specialties include RV solar system repairs, Onan generator repair and RV slide out repair in Sonoma County, CA, among others.

Count on us to do whatever it takes to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.And, regardless of the repairs we provide, everything will be done to the highest standards.Check out our comprehensive range of repair services,including the following:

RV house repairs

The house portion of your RV demands a special level of care.Because our expertise extends to the full home portion of your vehicle, you can trust our knowledgeable, experienced technicians to service it. We offer everything from solar system repairs to RV roof repair in Sonoma County, CA, and we strive to keep our prices affordable and competitive.

We’ll keep the home portion of your vehicle comfortable and convenient, so it accommodates you to any destination. This even extends to exterior components like awnings and stairs. Your RV is your home away from home—we’ll make sure it feels that way.

All makes and models & Marine Repair

Thanks to our more than 35 years of experience in RV repair in Sonoma County, CA, R.V. Pat’s Parts and Service is prepared to work on RVs of all types, from Type A motor homes to pop-ups, and of any make or model.

Problems with your outboard motor? Issues with your boat’s ignition system? Trouble with electrical? Bring your marine troubles to us and we’ll set them straight quickly, so you can get back out on the water. We service most outboard motor watercraft, providing much-needed repairs to critical systems.

We Take Care of Your RV

The experts at R.V. Pat’s Parts and Service are ready to provide RV solar system repairs, Onan generator repair and RV slide out repair in Sonoma County, CA—and much more! Choose R.V. Pat’s Parts and Service for the very best in RV repairs, maintenance and general service. We’ll care for your RV top to bottom, bumper to bumper, ensuring it gets exceptional care and thorough service. Call us to learn more about what we can do for you and your vehicle!

Need RV or marine parts? Shop our parts center. Need body work for your motor home or boat? Schedule service today! We do it all and always aim for your total satisfaction.
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