RV & Marine Custom Body Work in Santa Rosa

For over nine years, R.V. Pat’s Parts and Service has been Petaluma’s trusted RV auto body repair shop. We put decades of experience and understanding into every repair job, and we’re committed to fixing our customers’ vehicles efficiently and affordably. Here’s a closer look at our RV auto body repair services.

RV & Marine Custom Body Work in Sonoma County,CA

Owning an RV is all about embracing life on the road. What better way to customize your rig and ride with confidence than with a little custom bodywork? R.V. Pat’s Parts and Service is an RV body repair shop with the skills and capabilities to fix and customize your RV, no matter the modifications required.

Our customization services also extend to watercraft, as well. If your boat could benefit from a little personalization, schedule an appointment with us and let’s talk about how to improve it to your liking!

We approach every RV and marine bodywork project with considerable pride in the quality of both our workmanship and customer service. Our philosophy is that we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are pleased with our work. Our handiwork is proven in our countless satisfied customers and we’re committed to fixing our customers’ vehicles efficiently and affordably.

RV Body Repair

As the premier RV body shop in Sonoma County, CA, we handle a full range of body repairs for RVs and motor homes. If you’ve been in accident or experienced damage due to inclement weather—such as falling limbs or hail—we’ll work to restore your machine. Trust us to get it back to its previous condition and functionality.

Without proper bodywork repairs, your RV faces much bigger problems. Rust can creep into the picture, just as easily as a warped panel could affect your suspension. The bottom line is, a well-repaired RV frame is one that’s safe and reliable. Even if you just have a few dents and dings, schedule an appointment with us to get them removed. We’ll make sure your RV is roadworthy and travel-ready.

RV Collision Repair

Being involved in a collision while operating an RV can be a terrifying experience—and that’s before you start thinking about getting it repaired! RV collision repair in Sonoma County, CA is one of our specialties. We’ll get your vehicle operational again with a combination of experience and skill.

Because we’re so familiar with RV body structure across all types of makes and models, we know what to look for when repairing damages. We fix the underlying collision issues other body shops might miss, restoring your RV to is former glory, top to bottom. Whether your side paneling is crushed, your frame is bent or your cab needs repair, count on our well-equipped shop to set everything straight again

RV Customization

In addition to handling bodywork caused by accidents and bad weather, we can also take on just about any customization job related to the house portion of your vehicle.If there’s a customization that would make things easier for you out on the road, let us know and we’ll work to bring it to life. From solar panel installation to awning replacements and more, RV customizations have never been easier than they are when you come to us.

We have access to an extensive selection of RV accessories, as well as the equipment to flawlessly install them. Whether you want LED lighting mounted, trim and moldings, fiberglass siding or other customizations, they’re easily accomplished by our team. The next time you take to the highway on an adventure,you’ll do so saddled behind the wheel of an RV that’s totally unique to you

Marine Bodywork

If your boat need a little extra customization, leave it to us. We’ve got the equipment and experience to customize your watercraft, adding accessories, making repairs and even altering the construction. We know the stock options aren’t for everyone, which is why we give you the power to go above and beyond with your customizations.

From transom and tower upgrades, to lighting and flip decks and beyond, we’ll oversee your total watercraft customization. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a speed boat, a pontoon or a simple fishing boat, our mission is to help make it yours, so you enjoy every moment on the water.

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If you’ve had a mishap involving your RV, don’t delay in getting your vehicle the help it needs.If you’ve had a mishap involving your RVor want to customize your boat, don’t delay in contacting R.V. Pat’s Parts and Service. Reach our team today by calling to schedule an appointment. We’ll do everything it takes to turn your RV or boat into a vision of perfection.

Ask about our RV and marine repair services and check out our parts center for a wide collection of accessories.Remember, we install all parts and accessories purchased through us and offer an installation guarantee!

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